The probably most commonly time for a woman to overthink her future comes in times of pregnancy and parental leave. It was the exact same with Berit 3 years ago. She began again to sketch and draw. Not with acrylics anymore which she used to use in the past. She switched to markers, they were much easier to use and the drawing could be stopped at any time and wait until she could find time to come back at it. Things which are essential for a new mom.

While diving directly into the fashion world she rediscovered her love for design, models and fashion. She began to write and sketch her ideas in a little book and kept them near by. Although it was all a bit unprofessional at the beginning but soon her sketches transformed to little art pieces and delight jung and old in form of postcards. Ever since she illustrate and design in every free minute. Wether at home or at travels, at work or appointments her Sketchbook, some pencils and ink will always have a place in her bag.

Also in her job as a dental technician she can be creative, and from time to time she helps out in some Souvenir shops where she has the opportunity to sell her postcards. But the best part in her life will always be the time she spent with her family. Thats her boyfriend and her 2 years old boy.